1. What is Real Madrid Foundation Clinic (Hong Kong)?
    We believe that sports education is an important part for youth development, powered by Dreams Foundation, Real Madrid Foundation Clinic (Hong Kong) will bring an exclusive training to local students including professional techniques and skills with 1.5-2 hours training for every session. Arrangement and modification for the clinics will be made according to players levels, local sports culture, and geographic characteristics while maintaining the methodology from the coaches from Real Madrid reserve team. Coaches from Real Madrid Foundation who fly from Spain will provide a comprehensive coach programme to the participants, instructed in English , with the supports from local assist coaches.


  1. What is the Real Madrid Foundation?
    Real Madrid Foundation is an organization of Real Madrid Club. It provides professional football training, charity and youth development programme for 6-16 years old children and teenager, and to promotes local culture and sports in worldwide.


  1. What is the difference between the Real Madrid Foundation Training Camp and other football training courses in Hong Kong?
    In each Real Madrid Foundation training camp, the coaches is come from Spain to Hong Kong, and to share the Real Madrid football training method with the youth in Hong Kong.Students can feel the training model of Real Madrid, as well as Real Madrid’s nine elements – leadership, fellowship, effort, tolerance, self-control, humility, team work, solidarity, respect.


  1. Can children participate even he has not play football before?
    Yes, as long as the children meet the age group. Real Madrid Foundation coaches will assign the student group according to their abilities.


  1. Can girls participate?
    Girls can participate and train together with boys.



  1. Will the training camp be cancelled due to the rain?
    If amber or above and typhoon signal no.3 or above is hoisted the training camp will be canceled, no make-up class nor and refund will be made. The final arrangement will depend on the weather of the day.


  1. Do students need to wear sportswear?
    A set of sportswear (including jerseys, pants, socks) will be provided and will be distributed on the first day of the class.Students are required to bring their own spikes, shin guard, towels, sports glasses or contact lenses (if applicable).* No spikes can’t be trained
    * Do not wear accessories such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings during training.


  1. Do students need to bring their own water?
    Please bring your personal drinking water during all the training.


  1. Can students bring food from outside?
    It depends on the venue’s regulations.


  1. Can parents watch during training and can they take pictures?
    Parents can watch in the auditorium and can also take pictures.



  1. How many students are there in each class?
    40-50 students in each age group, and will be grouped by two Real Madrid Foundation coaches from Spain.


  1. What is the ratio of coaches per class?
    The ration is 1:12 to maximum 25  students.


  1. If the student is absent, will there be a make-up class?
    If the student is absent due to any matter, there is no make-up class and no refund will be made.


  1. What is the site specification?
    7 or 11-a-side artificial turf soccer pitches or natural turf soccer pitches.


  1. Can the tuition fee be refunded?
    Tuition fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.