Experience football just like your idols!


“Coaching programs run by coaches of Real Madrid Reserve teams, where participants intensively learn the values and resources characteristic of the comprehensive coaching of the Real Madrid Foundation schools” – Real Madrid Foundation


Real Madrid Foundation Clinics (HK) will bring exclusive training experiences to local students, including  4 to 6 days professional training that last 1.5 to 2 hours per session. Coaches from Real Madrid Foundation will provide a comprehensive coaching programme to participants. Training is instructed in English, with the supports from local assistant coaches.


Clinics for HSBC Insurance in La Salle College and Harrow International School respectively.


Clinics with Hong Kong Football Club in 3 years consecutively 


Football & Basketball Clinics with ESF


Clinics with youth organization New Youth Dynamic Alliance in the court under HK Rugby Union in Tin Shui Wai


Basketball Clinics with NGO Hong Kong Playground Association



The Best Team, The Best Campus


Campus Experience is a Real Madrid Foundation Project which provides the chance to experience life as part a team to learn about and share the values and philosophy of Real Madrid. A weekly program designed to empower the Real Madrid Foundation core values. 

The Campus Experience will host to boys and girls between 9-17 years old ready for an unforgettable experience. By training under the supervision of Real Madrid Foundation coaches, and with the activities scheduled by the Campus Experience team of educators/supervisors, the boys and girls will learn the true values of Madridismo. All training sessions will be at Real Madrid City in Valdebebas, Spain, the training stadium where the first team train with international facilities.


The Camp to Grow, The Camp to Dream

FRMClinicsHK x HKFC Easter Football Camp

The Training Highlight

The Happiness In Madrid

Training in Real Madrid City, Valdebebas, Spain